ESPcat Headstrong Lady

Borderline looks quite peaceful sitting there at the end of the dock but it was a bit of a performance getting her there.  It turns out that like many a good woman, she is quite headstrong.  When designing the cabin shape, I was careful to make her streamlined when going into the wind.  This is of particular importance for an electric boat with only two 8 hp engines if you want to get 6 knots of reliable speed.  The problem arises when you try to maneuver into a dock and there is a strong wind blowing from right to left.  It seems that Borderline constantly wants to point hear head into the wind (headstrong).  It only took about 4 tries to get her pointed in the right direction at the end of the dock. Ladder on Borderline

It’s all because of a pesky leak in the cabin top that can only be reached by ladder from the port side.  So there she is, with the ladder resting in place just waiting for some fool to climb up.  The occasional boat goes by causing a few waves.  What could possibly go wrong?  I must confess I did end up tying a few ropes to that ladder before I climbed the thing with by tube of PVC glue.  I won’t know if the fix actually worked until we get a good rain.  Fingers crossed.

In addition to climbing ladders, I have learned a few useful skills from the ESPcat project.  Tying knots and splicing lines are two important ones.  How about this eye splice.DSC_0331

I had to renew one of the mooring lines at the bow.  I used 20 mm, 3 strand polyester rope and a youtube video to do the job.  I added a stainless steel thimble with a stainless steel ring at the boat end of the mooring line for quick connect and disconnect.  Taking advice, I didn’t use a thimble or shackle at the pile end as it never moves so there is no chafe.

Here is the amazing part to the story.  My lovely wife Gallagher, came down and did some serious cleaning.  This is really the first time Borderline has been properly cleaned in over 3 years!  While Gallagher scrubbed the inside, I did the outside.  Needless to say, the cleaning job was well overdue.  It is just that everything else has taken precedence and I never really got around to doing it.  There is still lots more to due but progress is being made.


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