ESPcat Floating Among Friends

See how happy Borderline looks, floating with her friends.  We have had some beautiful weather lately but quite cold here in Auckland.  And what’s really cool is that the latest version of the Solar Generator V3 appears to be working well and keeping the refrigerator cool in the safe range.DSC_0400

With the cold weather, the refrigerator doesn’t have to work very hard but it is also true that one of my twin, hundred watt solar panels has died s the Solar Generator SG-1 has only half the power feeding into it that it should have.  All-in-all I am quite pleased with the SG-1 performance. DSC_0394

Hopefully, in addition to running the fridge and all the other internal electrics, the SG-1 will have enough excess capacity to run a microwave oven once I replace the faulty solar panel.  We will see.

Just to recap the Solar Generator specifications:

model – SG-1
1 kW solar generator converts solar panel output to power refrigerator and other cabin electrical requirements

1 – battery – 24V lithium ion, 1kWh (actual usable capacity 1,000 cycles)
2 – AC output – 240 Vac, pure sine wave 2,000 watt inverter
3 – DC output – 13.3V, 9A for charging 12V battery
4 – efficiency mode reduces overhead power drain to 4 W
5 – heavy aluminium case with internal steel case for lithium battery safety

The 1 kWh lithium battery outperforms a pair of 12 V, 130 Ah lead-acid batteries.

Even the spoonbills like the new SG-1.Spoonbills

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