ESPcat Fully Charged #fullycharged

Yes this shag is fully charged.  I know because moments after this photo was taken, he discharged right onto the wharf!  These guys have been a bit scarce over the winter with only the occasional shag in evidence.  Now that spring is just around the corner (3 days) they are back.  I suspect the warm water is bringing more fish inshore.

I also know that the ESPcat (Electric Solar Powered Catamaran) is fully charged because I just installed this nifty charge level display:

fully charged 3

Borderline now officially has 220 vac on board.  The under bench refrigerator (200 kwh per year) is running great with plenty of power to spare from the two 100 watt solar panels so tomorrow I am picking up a microwave oven.  The green indicator shows the state of the 1000 watt-hour lithium battery.  The microwave will draw 1,150 watts but it only runs for a short time so I assume there will be plenty of power available to run it.  I will report on the performance.  No I do not have performance anxiety.

The round, black switch to the right of the display switches the efficiency mode on and off.  I can’t say much about it right now as it is the subject of a patent application.  You must remember that 97% of all patents never make any money.* That is why I will only be filing a provisional patent specification.  I will file the provisional specification myself rather than hiring an expensive patent attorney.  If an investor buys into ESPcat Ltd. then that investor can decide if he wants to apply for a full patent.

In previous business ventures, I relied mostly on a combination of copyright and secrecy to protect my ideas.  The real advantage of filing a provisional patent specification is that it allows you to negotiate with potential investors without fear of them stealing your idea.  If they do try to steal your idea, you can sue their ass and probably make more money then the stolen invention would have made for you.

If you create a design drawing  or write software, it is automatically copyright protected.  I always write (C)Copyright …. on my document or software title just to frighten would-be crooks.  If you get a patent attorney to file your provisional patent specification, the cost starts at $NZ 2,000 while doing it yourself, starts at $NZ 65.**  My idea is fantastic of course and will make some wealthy investor even more wealthy.  I say “wealthy investor” because I wouldn’t allow anyone who wasn’t already wealthy to invest in the first place.  It is a bit sad but only the wealthy can afford the risk required to make big money.

So there you have it; I’m fully charged.  The microwave is next.  I will let you blog buddies know how it goes.




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