ESPcat Clean Cut

Cleanliness is next to godliness so being a heathen, I decided to install a hand basin in Borderline’s toilet as my only way of getting closer to the Magic Guy in the Sky.  As you can see, this installation requires precision cutting which, unfortunately, I am not very good at.  Nevertheless, I am going for it.  I got this nifty basin on Trademe for $50 and it should do the trick.  Things are getting more and more comfortable on the tiny, floating, solar powered house.  I am trying to convince Gallagher that we should move aboard for the summer.

I am pleased to report on the excellent performance of the solar generator.  All the creature comforts including, lighting, sound system, refrigerator and microwave are working fine on the solar system.  Below from the left we have the following:

1 – microwave above the sink
2 – thermometer verifying that the refrigerator is indeed working
3 – Borderline
4 – the outside cabinet of the solar generator
5 – inside the solar generator with the lithium battery red cabinet (steel for safety)
6 – inside the red cabinet showing the actual lithium-ion battery cells (7 x 50 Ah)solar system

It turns out that the twin 100 watt solar panels typically put out just over 100 watts when the sun is shining.  This is more than enough for the refrigerator.   The microwave uses about 10% of the 1000 Wh battery capacity to heat two cups of coffee.  It takes about an hour to recharge that 10% of the battery.  This is all very rough but it gives you an idea of what’s going on.  The solar generator also keeps the 12 volt starting battery topped up and that battery runs the toilet, water pump and lights, all of which use very little energy.  The 12 volt starting battery also powers the VHF marine radio.DSC_0083

Since radio is my first love, I will be inventing a new, high performance antenna for it in an upcoming project. There is also a blue tooth, USB powered sound system that is driven by the solar generator.

I have sold off most of the old sailing bits that belonged to Borderline when she was a racing sailboat.  The rudders and spinnaker pole have just gone.  The centerboards are next.  The money is going to good causes in the ESPcat project.  If I have any left over, I promise to squander it at the earliest opportunity.  Several years ago, in a moment of madness, I purchased a dehumidifier with the plan to have it on the boat to help keep the sheets a bit less damp for nighttime comfort.  I am pretty sure that it will use too much power so I plan to sell it off along with everything else I can find to sell.  Before I sell it however I think I will just give it a bit of a try to be certain that it is indeed too power hungry to be practical.

By the way, I am thinking that Tulsi Gabbard is the one we should be considering to oppose that asshole Trump in the next election. Tulsi is the only Democrat with an actual immigration plan.  How about this for a quote: “Without secure borders, we don’t really have a country”.…/tulsi-gabbard-its…




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