ESPcat Keeping Your Bottom Clean

Is it reasonable that we are more worried about keeping our bottoms clean than we are about climate change?  Should we be panicking like little Greta Thunberg or should we take a more laid-back approach like us boys at the boat club, pulling our boats out for Spring bottom cleaning.

Gallagher and I just had a short holiday in Australia near Cairns.  We had a great time, but I can tell you that the farmers in Australia are seriously worried about the warming planet. Climate change was on the news there every day.  “Here’s the climate reality: Since 1910, Australia’s climate has warmed by more than 1 degree Celsius (or 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit). In fact, without action, Australia is expected to warm as much as 5 degrees Celsius (9 degrees Fahrenheit) by 2090.  Simply put, Australia is already a hot and dry country and it’s expected to generally get hotter and drier without action on climate change. And make no mistake: An increase of 5 degrees Celsius (or 9 degrees Fahrenheit) is a huge deal.” *

Scientists tell us that this isn’t the first time the world has warmed up but in the past, it happened over 5,000 years; this time is is happening in 200 years.  We, along with the Australian farmers, are going to be in real trouble.  For the Australian farmers, global warming is happening right now!

The ESPcat project is a metaphor for the world’s response to global warming.  I am doing my best to get Borderline off her gasoline powered outboard motors and onto clean, green solar electric motors but it takes time and money.  The problem is that there are limits to both my time and my money.  And so it is with the world’s response to warming.  At least I have made a decent start.  Everything inside Borderline is now running on solar but there is so much more to do to get the propulsion system switched to solar.

I think the slightly annoying Greta Thunberg, is right.  Little Ms. Thunberg has reason to be outraged at her future.  If you don’t believe her, just have a look at the link below.  Whole cities in Australia are going to have to be abandoned because there is no water.  It’s like looking into the future because for many Australian farmers, the future is right now.

So what should our response be?  For starters, I think we should continue to keep our bottoms clean.  The alternative isn’t a particularly pleasant prospect.  We should rejoice in our little carbon footprint milestones like these solar powered, microwave noodles that I consumed for lunch the other day aboard Borderline. Yes, I will think of a way of making noodles without the single use, plastic cup.

I’m not going to vote for Simon Bridges and his National Party because Simon thinks there is “no climate emergency” and National thinks that we should go slow on making New Zealand farmers reduce their carbon footprint.  And if I haven’t renounced my US citizenship (I am seriously considering doing just that) I will vote against that lying, cheating, climate change denying, asshole, Trump.


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