ESPcat Electric Tipping Point

It’s dead, low water and the tide is turning.  Borderline is one of the lucky ones in that she only draws about 0.25 meters of water and depth at her mooring never gets less than 1 meter.  I am getting a good look at some of the other boats that are usually hidden.  As you can see, some of those boats are leaning over at odd angles.  The boat that usually lives behind Borderline is up on the haul-out cradle for a bit of a bottom clean.  Things will change soon,  The tide has turned and water has started flowing back up the Whitford Creek estuary.  Those boats that are tipped onto their sides will begin to tip the other direction as the water level rises.  Did you know that the biggest tides occur when high tide is around 11:00 am?  And so it is with the Electric Solar Powered Catamaran project; it is at a tipping point.

My close friend (in my mind only) Elon Musk, made the statement a few days ago that “electric cars may have already reached a tipping point”.*  Musk went on to explain that we should look at the resale of an electric car (particularly a Tesla) compared to a fossil powered car.  It turns out that many Tesla buyers traded in their European luxury cars for Teslas and as a result, the price of used luxury cars is plummeting.   The article which I have cited below, claims that luxury BMWs are depreciating at 30% per year where they used to depreciate at 20% per year.  In other words, we have reached a tipping point.  If that luxury car you purchase today isn’t electric, you will be very sad when you go to sell it in 3 to 5 years.  It may already be cheaper to buy an electric car if you take resale value into account.   Yes, new electric cars are more expensive than fossil powered cars but looking at the long term cost of ownership, and the tipping point is now.

Last week I performed major work on the bow center entrance that leads to the anchor.  I now have folding doors and much improved anchor access.  A bit of work on the hand basin in the toilet-shower area is next.  We are now very close to taking a few actual trips in Borderline.  We are still on our fossil powered 8 hp engines but everything inside Borderline runs off solar (ok there is that little one burner gas stove).  I feel that the ESPcat project is at a tipping point just like electric cars and climate change. It is all very exciting and slightly scary.DSC_0096

So to end on a positive note, the island of Tuvalu is actually getting bigger rather than sinking under the rising sea. **   A University of Auckland study looked a satellite images and found that it is a mistake to align your thinking with the popular masses to the point where you stop looking at the facts.




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