ESPcat Going Aloft

Those of you don’t know me may not realize that I am incredibly brave.  Brave, that is, unless I am more then a couple of feet off the ground.  Above 2 feet, I become a total coward.  I’m talking really frightened here.  No, that’s not it.  Actually I get scared shitless! See that pulley on the top of that pile.  How do you suppose that got up there?DSC_0149

I’ll tell you how it got up there.  I borrowed an outboard from one of the slaves then got another slave to join me on this tiny raft and off we went with a ladder and I climbed up there!  That’s how!  It wasn’t good!  It was really bad!  And I had to do it twice; once for the forward mooring pile and again for the stern one.  There is no photographic evidence for me being up that ladder on a raft but I assure you the image of being there is burned into my memory.  And of course, you can see the bracket and pulley that somehow got up there so I must have done it.  I can’t imagine anyone else being fool enough to do it.

“So what’s it for?” you may ask.  Well attached to the line going into the water, is a 2 meter length of chain acting as a weight while the line running off to the left is supposed to hold up the mooring line so I can sidle up to it in Borderline without it getting fouled up in the propellers.  Do you think it will work?

I rowed out today to make some fine adjustments at high tide.  Rowing out again at low tide for more adjustments.  What could possibly go wrong?DSC_0131

PS I see that another of Trump’s “chosen ones” is off to prison.  Trump sure can pick ’em.  I note that Stone is “clutching a Bible” as he walks from court. *  The poor, dumb bastard probably thinks God is a Republican.


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