ESPcat Important Things

Few women will go anywhere where there isn’t a flush toilet.  But that’s not all I have learned about life aboard the ESPcat (Electric Solar Powered Catamaran).  Women don’t like taking a crap in their solar powered toilet, if they can’t lock the bathroom door.  I am sharing this important information with you Blog Buddies because apparently not everyone knows it.  I’m not silly you know, so I added this lovely stainless steel latch to the bathroom door so my long suffering wife, Gallagher, and any other females who happen aboard Borderline, will be secure while doing their business.  Men don’t seem to care much.


I also know other important things I must share.  Even those who know me well may not realize my extensive expertise in the area of food.  That’s right food!  But not just any food; boat food.  The first thing you must do when bringing food on board is to forget anything you may have accidentally learned about nutrition.  Boat food is not about nutrition but rather it is about  … well I’m not sure what it’s about but it’s not about nutrition.  Perhaps some examples will explain what I mean.  Have a look in the pantry.DSC_0189

Note the prevalence of pot noodles.  Pot noodles are the quintessential boat food.  All you need is a bit of water collected from the cabin roof.  Heat the water in your solar powered microwave oven and the next thing you know, you have piping hot pot noodles!  But wait, there’s more.

Have a look in the fridge.  Yes that’s my foot holding open the fridge door.DSC_0195

Here are boat food essentials that may or may not require refigeration.

1 – Tomato sauce
2 – olive oil
3 – Black Heart Rum
4 – Borderline Rum
5 – partially consumed Borderline Rum

The olive oil is looking a bit strange because it is partially frozen (not to worry).  And speaking of olive oil, there is nothing better than freshly caught fish fried up in olive oil with a bit of black pepper (red arrow).  pepper

The only things I haven’t shown are:

1 – American hot dogs
2 – bread
3 – bacon
4 – eggs
5 – butter

The above items are not present at the time of photographing because these important items must be purchased on the departure day.

As you can see, I am indeed, an expert on the important things in life with particular emphasis on boat food.  Come to think of it, all you really need on board is pot noodles and rum.  Oh and don’t forget to keep a packet of frozen squid in the freezer for bait.  Let me know if I’ve left out anything really important.

5 thoughts on “ESPcat Important Things

  1. An excellent question. ESP stands for Electric Solar Powered. The long term plan for this project is to power everything, including propulsion, by solar. So far the lights, radio, toilet, refrigerator, water pump and microwave oven are all solar powered. There are 2 solar panels rated at 100 W each and a 1 kwh lithium battery. For propulsion we presently have two 8 hp gasoline powered outboard motors. Eventually we will install an additional 40 solar panels, each rated at 100 watts, and two lithium batteries each rated at 24 kwh and two 8 hp electric outboard motors.


    1. WOW that’s very cool… I’m NO builder or whatever it takes to know this stuff and do all you’re doing but I do know you’re doing good!! See you soon!!


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