ESPcat 2020 The Year It All Changes

2019 was dammed good but the world will remember 2020 as the year it all changed.  I’m talking about changes in electric powered things versus fossil powered things.  For 2020, vehicle manufacturers are featuring electric vehicles with an unbelievable, 1000 km range!  That’s further than most fossil powered cars go!  An electric car has 17 moving parts in its drive train compared to 200 in a fossil car.*  It’s out with the old in in with the new.  From 2020 onward, it is no longer a case of the electric car catching up with the fossil car, its all about the advancement of the electric car and the demise of the fossil car.  Anyone who buys a new, non-electric car after 2020 is making a big mistake.  2020 marks the end of the fossil powered car because in 2024, nobody is going to want a used one.Tesla and Nikola

It’s the new batteries that are changing everything.  The next generation of batteries have 3 times the energy density of current lithium batteries and will not catch fire.  Sooner or later these new batteries will make it into electric solar powered boats.  “Because electric motors have a higher energy conversion efficiency and lower mass than combustion engines, they can provide a higher deliverable mechanical energy density than internal combustion for most transportation applications.”**

2020 is the first year that we are enjoying actually using  the ESPcat (Electric Solar Powered Catamaran).  Ok we are only at the end of the dock but it was either that or row The Boys out to Borderline for our End of Year Lunch and I wasn’t ready for that.  DSC_0205

DSC_0199 DSC_0200 DSC_0201 DSC_0204 DSC_0207 DSC_0198
As the pictures indicate, we all had a great time aboard Borderline.

All the solar powered devices are doing their job.  The solar refrigerator running 24/7 is a real luxury.  The best part is having frozen squid on hand at all times for a bit of fishing off the mooring.

I am really feeling the itch to get electric outboards installed.  What’s the point of a solar boat without solar propulsion?  I’m going off the idea of using Chinese electric outboards.  Maintenance is the big worry.  Nobody in New Zealand supports electric outboards so I’m reconsidering my original idea of making my own from a standard outboard motor  and adding my own dc motor.  Here is the sort of motor I am considering.
DC motor

It is 10 kw and I would run it at 6 kw. ***   Cooling is a problem as I don’t really want to circulate salt laden air around my electronic system but I have an idea about how to do it without the corrosion problems.  More on that in another blog.





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