ESPcat Easing Out of Lockdown

Jacinda says we have now moved from Level 4 Lockdown to Level 3.  I can now go visit the ESPcat (Electric Solar Powered Catamaran) for the first time in a month.  Worry had begun to set in because I left an open packet of frozen squid bait in the freezer compartment of the fridge.  Just imagine what happens to a packet of frozen squid when it thaws and then sits around for a month.  Visions of rotting fish and the olfactory image of rotting stench have been running through my head.  But lo and behold:

cold fridge

Just look at that thermometer!  Not only is the squid still frozen but the beer is cold as well!  The fridge temperature is even on the cool end of the ideal range!  This proves that not only does God exist but that She loves solar powered boats as well.  The twin solar panels, solar charge controller, lithium batteries, inverter and battery monitoring system, have all been quietly doing their unattended, thing during Level 4 Lockdown; keeping all the electronic boat things working perfectly.

Just to be on the safe side, I tested the electric toilet, started the engines and tried the radio.  All worked perfectly and all driven by solar power.  Life is good.  Yes Borderline could do with a bit of cleaning but that is for another visit.

Now I must say a thing or two about New Zealand’s Level 4 Lockdown.  For 5 weeks we all had to stay home with the exception of going out for exercise (4k run 4 times a week) and to pick up food ordered online from the super market.  The plan was that if we all played our part, we could kill of coronavirus completely.  Just get a load of this curve showing New Zealand’s active cases:*New Zealand active cases 28 April
As you can see, we have well and truly passed the peak.  What the curve doesn’t show is that the Health Department knows the name of every person infected within the past two weeks or more and who they were infected by.  Everyone involved is in isolation.

It is a sad fact that 19 unfortunate souls have passed away.  They were all old with underlying health conditions but of course that doesn’t prevent the sadness of those who loved them.  But compare New Zealand’s curve with Sweden’s curve. **  Sweden didn’t go into lockdown.  Their economy is in much better shape than ours.
Active cases Sweden 28 April
But Sweden hasn’t even reached her peak yet and has already killed off 2,274 people!  Yes Sweden has twice the population of New Zealand but Sweden’s death toll is already 100 times New Zealand’s and they will likely kill off another 2,274 or more before coronavirus finishes with them.   Not all of those Swedish dead folk were old either:
Swedish deaths by age group 28 April

Yes, New Zealand’s economy is in tatters but you would be amazed to see the increase in business activity on the first day of Level 3.  With a bit of luck we will go to Level 2 in two or three weeks time.  I remain totally optimistic regarding our economic recovery.  I believe Jacinda Ardern and her team have done an absolutely outstanding job.   Fingers crossed that the virus isn’t hiding somewhere, ready to pop up again.

Me and my Honey and all our old friends are still alive to enjoy each other’s company for many years to come.  The ESPcat solar project just keeps getting better.  Life is good.  Didn’t we do well.


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