ESPcat Should Australia be Making Lithium Batteries Rather Than China

Let’s face it.  China is becoming a rogue state.  Passage of the Hong Kong Security Law makes it clear that nobody, anywhere in China is safe or free.(1)  If China wants you to disappear, then you disappear.  There will be no jury, no defense lawyer and no right of appeal.  Hong King media tycoon Jimmy Lai, owner of  Apple Daily will likely never be seen or heard of again after his arrest on trumped up charges under the new Security Law.(2)  China is grabbing land (or is it sea) in the South China Sea and there is nobody to stop them.(3) China’s Xi Jinping has appointed himself leader for life and his heir apparent has disappeared just like Jimmy Lai.(6)  If I were were in China writing this, it would be my last post.  Even here in safe New Zealand I am taking a personal risk.

Should China be allowed to control 73% of the $44 Billion dollar lithium battery industry?  For China, business is like a game of chess.  If they see the opportunity to take your piece they will take it.  China is not all hung up on our quaint notions of right and wrong.  Whose piece will China take next?

Australia produces all the minerals required to build lithium batteries.  Perhaps it is time for Australia, New Zealand and all the rest of the world to support lithium battery manufacture in Australia.(4)  Monash University in Australia has invented a new lithium-sulfur battery that will drive an EV 1000km on a single charge.(5)  Continuing to depend on China is a big mistake.







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