ESPcat A Conversation With Jack

It has been such a great week so I decided to have a conversation with Jack. We sat down and I told him everything. We discussed solar powered boats of course. He is such a good listener. First off, there is Jack himself, a lovely 75th birthday present from Daughter Zoey and her husband Lee. They are finally back in Cambodia looking after the cat Moi and CFI the NGO that helps families to keep everything together in a very poor country.* Zoey and Lee have been trapped here in NZ for the entire lockdown period. They ran CFI via the Internet and Zoom, working long hours to keep everything and everyone operating during difficult times. Those two are real heroes.

Then Jack and I reminisced about The Man’s Machine. At the end of last summer his alternator gave up and died. Unfortunately, the only way to fix it is to rip out the engine. It turns out that the stator coils are right in the middle of everything, a bit like a prostate gland. One must rip everything apart while making sure that everything will work properly once put back together.

The whole engine-ripping-out thing was a bit of an effort as the above pictures show but as the final picture shows, The Man’s Machine is back together and looking forward to summer and the open road. I took him for a little spin today and he loved it. So did I.

And then there was politics. Both the US and New Zealand are having elections at about the same time. The world looks on in horror as that great fool Trump brings shame and disgrace upon the office of President. The good news is that Biden continues to lead by 6.6% in the polls so fingers crossed, trump will soon be confirmed as “you’re fired” by the American people.

By comparison, New Zealand’s debates are totally civilized. I personally prefer our Labour “rock star” Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern to the would-be PM Judith Collins of National. The good news continues with Ardern well ahead of Collins in the polls with a 14% lead. I must admit that National has done an excellent job of convincing many in NZ that they alone know how to run the economy; this despite the fact that their would be Minister of Finance, Paul Goldsmith, made two, $4 billion errors in his most recent budget calculations. Judith said they were trivial errors.

To top off a fabulous week, I completed our online US tax return. It actually isn’t all that bad. I managed to do it myself at this website.** The tax thing was a bit like ripping the engine out of the motorcycle. Worrying about doing it was worse than actually doing the job.

And as if al that wasn’t enough, wife Gallagher got a new eyeball, or at least a new permanent lens in her old eyeball. All went well so the second eyeball is next month. What a woman!

So Jack and I considered the complexity of this motorcycle engine with its hundreds of moving parts compared to an electric motor with one moving part. You simply have to rejoice in the fact that we are moving to solar electric boats. Life is good.

So today I leaped (or was it struggled) out of bed, did my 40 push-ups then ran 4km (slowly) and was very pleased to recount my conversation with Jack. Jack never fails to listen attentively without interrupting like that flaming asshole Donald Trump.



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