ESPcat Missing the Smell of Gasoline

I’m going to miss the smell of gasoline. What is The Man’s Machine supposed to do when the liquid fuels distribution system (gas stations) collapses? I confess, I love riding him. Even his sound is good. On the other hand, I am getting a bit old to be roaring around the back roads on a motorcycle.

QuantumScape has just announced that it has perfected a solid state lithium battery that doesn’t catch fire, holds nearly twice as much energy and charges to 80% in 15 minutes!* QuantumScape is backed by VW and Bill Gates so it is for real. I suspect that Tesla had hoped to announce on Battery Day that Tesla had perfected the Solid State Battery but it looks like VW has beaten them to it. One thing is for certain, the electric vehicle population is going to continue to explode at an even faster rate.

Missing that gasoline smell is not all bad news however. Last week while Gallagher was doing her art class, I snuck into the garage and borrowed her BMW i3 and took it for a joy ride out through the country. I was going to take The Man’s Machine but the day was cold and miserable so I chose the i3 instead. I wasn’t disappointed. I haven’t taken an automobile for a joy ride in many years. 50 years ago I owned an MGA hardtop that was fantastic fun to drive. My MGA could do 0 to 60 in 13.3 seconds along with a good deal of noise. The i3 does it in 7 seconds without making a sound.

My MGA was like this one except it had a permanent hard top with roll-up windows and leather upholstery. I loved that car.

The QuantumScape breakthrough comes in the form of a ceramic separator between anode and cathode, replacing the liquid interface used in present day lithium batteries.

pouch cell on orange background

Not only does it store more energy and weigh less but it has no gasoline smell. I can’t wait to get a set of these bad boys installed in the ESPcat (Electric Solar Powered Catamaran).


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