ESPcat – Ignoranus or Genuine Asshole

Ignoranus (a person who is both stupid and an asshole). (1) It seems that about 4% of the nurses in some of New Zealand’s District Health Boards, are giving up their jobs rather than accepting a vaccination for Covid-19. Something close to 1% of NZ school teachers are doing the same. Ignoranus would surely be the best description for such a person. One must assume that this level of stupidity has always been among us and that the plague has simply moved stupidity to the forefront. But what about being an asshole?

I can understand someone being stupid enough to think the jab is unsafe but you have to be an asshole to give up your career because of something they saw on a BitChute video.(2) But wait! Is it possible that I have the whole thing wrong?

According to the Urban Dictionary, a Genuine Asshole is the lethal combination of intelligence and arrogance.(3) It is unlikely that such a large number of nurses and school teachers are actually stupid. You don’t get to be a nurse by being stupid. You don’t get to be a teacher by being an asshole. I see the truth now. Intelligent and arrogant makes a lot more sense. Intelligent enough to find out the real facts if you wanted to. At the same time being so arrogant that you refuse to listen to any argument that you might not agree with.

Right now the Government is debating whether or not to pronounce a vaccine mandate upon the New Zealand Police. I sure hope they decide on the vaccine mandate. I am desperate to find out how many Genuine Assholes there are among the trusty men and women in blue.

So what does this have to do with Electric Solar Powered Catamarans? Absolutely nothing! I’m just really pissed off at all the Genuine Assholes messing with my holidays.




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