World War III – Nuclear Winter

The world is closer than ever to a World War III. Russia has Vladimir Putin, a crazy dictator threatening to press his big, red, nuclear button. Russia is supported by China’s Xi Jinping who is a dictator with a big, red nuclear button. It is certain that Putin is crazy. Putin has destroyed the Russian economy. It is possible that Putin is dying of cancer and wants to leave a lasting legacy.* Xi Jinping is supporting Putin because Xi himself is crazy and wants to leave a lasting legacy. Putin is threatening to use chemical weapons in the Ukraine and will probably do so. The West will respond. If Putin pushes his big, red, nuclear button, then Biden will have no choice but to push his big, red, nuclear button which will include targeting both China and Russia. If China is targeted, Xi Jinping will have no choice but to to push his big, red nuclear button. With all three nuclear buttons pushed, the world will experience a nuclear winter with billions dying at the very least. The worst case is extinction of the human race. ** At least we no longer have to worry about global warming. This is a very sad time.



One thought on “World War III – Nuclear Winter

  1. I feel like you’re right😢
    Scary as hell and I see nothing I can do but live each day to the fullest.

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