ESPcat – Why Go to the GYM?

For all you 76 year olds out there, rather than go to the gym, I suggest you antifoul a boat. Above is the after photo.  There is no before image because the catamaran hulls were in such a terrible, neglected state that a photo is just too embarrassing.  The reason I suggest you could avoid […]

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ESPcat Neglected Bottom

In this troubled world, there are few sadder sights to see than a neglected bottom. This is how the horrific scene unfolded. I was just about to the annual maintenance haul-out of Borderline in November 2021, when events were overtaken by a family illness that put everything on hold. After 6 months of medical heroics, […]

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ESPcat – Hydrogen Madness

When it comes to electricity, New Zealand finds itself in an enviable position compared to most of the world.  NZ presently gets 79% of its electricity from renewable sources including hydro, wind and geothermal.    The “enviable” part comes from the fact that New Zealand has an aluminum smelter that is scheduled to close in 2024.   […]

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