ESPcat Tropical Cyclone

Tropical Cyclone Cook is due today.  Should I be worried? The wind is starting to pick up.  Is Borderline secure?  I think I may be having a panic attack!  I’ll try a paper bag over my head.  It isn’t working because I can’t see the screen.   The rain will be here soon.  That blue bit […]

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ESPcat Breaking Bad (updated)

I finally understand what happened to Walter White.(1)  One minute you’re a chemistry teacher and the next minute, you’re dealing drugs.  It’s exactly the same for me.  One minute I’m building a solar powered boat and the next minute I’m involved in an international, criminal conspiracy.  I used to be so good and now I’m […]

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ESPcat New Beginnings

Now this is the way to start the day.  It’s 07:15 and another beautiful day in paradise.  I am looking over towards Waihiki island at the sunrise.  In the foreground is John Minson testing out his latest creation. It is his boat’s maiden voyage from Maretai to Waiheke. John started with a Hobbie Cat and […]

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ESPcat Feminism

Lately I’ve been trying to get in touch with my feminine side.  In fact, it is fair to say that I am a feminist in the truest sense of the word.  When it comes to wages for example, I have always been a champion of equal pay for the sexes.  With equality in mind, since […]

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ESPcat Going Backwards

I have made a point of not dwelling too deeply on my setbacks relating to the ESPcat project.  Who wants to read a tale of woe?  By the same token, I don’t want to give my blog buddies the idea that everything has always been smooth sailing either.  I decided to do a bit of […]

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