ESPcat Marine Radio

In 1953 the Korean War ended with an armistice agreement.  The last of the war veterans returned home and I was just a youngster in primary school.  Three of the vets who had been radio operators during the war,  decided to get their Amateur Radio licenses.  Remember that back in those days, radio was on […]

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ESPcat Going Aloft

Those of you don’t know me may not realize that I am incredibly brave.  Brave, that is, unless I am more then a couple of feet off the ground.  Above 2 feet, I become a total coward.  I’m talking really frightened here.  No, that’s not it.  Actually I get scared shitless! See that pulley on […]

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ESPcat Clean Cut

Cleanliness is next to godliness so being a heathen, I decided to install a hand basin in Borderline’s toilet as my only way of getting closer to the Magic Guy in the Sky.  As you can see, this installation requires precision cutting which, unfortunately, I am not very good at.  Nevertheless, I am going for […]

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ESPcat Solar Microwave

I have managed to take heat from the sun and turn it back into heat!  Not everyone can do that.  It turns out that there is indeed spare power left over from the twin 100 watt solar panels that operate the under bench refrigerator.  I decided to put that spare solar energy to work running […]

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