ESPcat Carburetors & Curtains

The Electric Solar Powered Catamaran now has curtains, bed covers and pillow cases.  Didn’t Gallagher do well? Surely that means Borderline is ready to sail doesn’t it?  It is amazing how many things there are to complete before a boat can actually sail. I installed a camping shower with nautically themed curtain.  The camping shower […]

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ESPcat After The Party

So the party is over and the new year has begun.  Time to contemplate new challenges and correct old mistakes.  Some like to make New Year’s resolutions but I’m not so sure they have any value.  Take resolutions to get fit for example.  If you are unfit it means that there are problems with your […]

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ESPcat Dreaming of Solar Power

A favorite saying of my long time friend, Nick Copeman is “there are no problems, only opportunities”.  I have quoted this mantra many times, particularly when things in my business were looking a bit dark.  It is amazing how a problem can be turned into an opportunity, sometimes with something as simple as  rewording the […]

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ESPcat Mentally Challenged

Hey there blog buddies.  Yes it has been quite a while since we last spoke.  I’ve had a dose of the Man Flu.  You can be certain you have it if your hair hurts.  I think it has affected me metally as well and speaking of mentally challenged, how about those midterm elections. Having the […]

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ESPcat Floating Again

The haul-out is complete and we are floating again.  Yes the water is a bit murky possibly due to a spring tide but the new waterline looks just about correct.  It will be interesting to see how the anti-fouling paint stands up to 12 months of attack by ocean critters. While we were out on […]

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