ESPcat Borderline Rum Update

Some of you blog buddies may remember that I got sidetracked a while back into making a bit of rum to take aboard Borderline, thus keeping alive a long association with rum and boats.  I realize that this has nothing at all to do with the construction of a solar powered boat but it sure […]

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ESPcat Smokin Hot

Of all the technical marvels available today, there is nothing more impressive then the photo-voltaic solar panel.  These amazing devices just lay there in the sun and generate electricity for years.  Solar panels are one of the major drivers of the energy revolution that will see the collapse of the oil industry by 2030 as […]

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ESPcat Magic Carpet

Spending a somewhat uncomfortable night on Borderline has given me new impetus towards improving creature comforts.  My first night aboard was a bit cold and damp due to the many gaps in the flooring in the forward sleeping section.  I have worked feverishly plugging these gaps and things are improving significantly.  I also have gaps […]

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ESPcat Maiden Voyage

So I loaded up the dinghy with all the essentials such as white bread, hotdogs and rum, and set off into the unknown.  There are about a million things on Borderline that are incomplete but I decided to give her a go anyway.  What could possibly go wrong? Damn, that dinghy really needs a clean!  […]

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ESPcat Borderline Rum

Rum has long been associated with boats so I decided it was time to fire up the still and make a bit of Borderline Rum.  New Zealand Navy sailors used to be issued a tot of rum right up until 1990.  The standard issue was a gil or 142 ml.  Navy rum was 148 proof […]

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ESPcat Organized

The problem most people have when trying to take on a project like building a solar powered boat, is that they simply aren’t well organized.  Fortunately, I don’t have that problem.  As you can see from this picture, I have every part of Nippon Nancy, organized to perfection. In fact, if I do have a […]

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