ESPcat Clean Cut

Cleanliness is next to godliness so being a heathen, I decided to install a hand basin in Borderline’s toilet as my only way of getting closer to the Magic Guy in the Sky.  As you can see, this installation requires precision cutting which, unfortunately, I am not very good at.  Nevertheless, I am going for […]

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ESPcat Solar Microwave

I have managed to take heat from the sun and turn it back into heat!  Not everyone can do that.  It turns out that there is indeed spare power left over from the twin 100 watt solar panels that operate the under bench refrigerator.  I decided to put that spare solar energy to work running […]

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ESPcat Floating Among Friends

See how happy Borderline looks, floating with her friends.  We have had some beautiful weather lately but quite cold here in Auckland.  And what’s really cool is that the latest version of the Solar Generator V3 appears to be working well and keeping the refrigerator cool in the safe range. With the cold weather, the […]

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ESPcat Solar Generator V3

My God this is exciting!  It’s almost as good as sex!  I just love a new lithium battery!  These ones are 50Ah or 185 Wh.  There are 7 cells for a total of 1,295 Wh.  Since you can only really use 80% of a lithium battery (compared to about 35% of a lead-acid battery) the […]

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ESPcat Headstrong Lady

Borderline looks quite peaceful sitting there at the end of the dock but it was a bit of a performance getting her there.  It turns out that like many a good woman, she is quite headstrong.  When designing the cabin shape, I was careful to make her streamlined when going into the wind.  This is […]

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ESPcat Mooring

One of the things that has kept me from going out on Borderline is the difficulty of picking up the mooring on my own.  Borderline is so wide (6.4 meters) that she is difficult to maneuver if she gets sideways to the tidal current.  I have learned from bitter experience that you can’t manhandle a […]

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