ESPcat Quantum Computing

Quantum computers are hard to see.   If you don’t believe me, take a look at this from IBM* When Captain James Cook, first sailed close to the coast of Australia, the people walking along the shore didn’t even look up as his ship sailed by.  Cook’s Endeavour was so unlike anything that the Aborigines had […]

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ESPcat Exhausting

There is a life lesson here for Donald Trump and his half-witted military advisors.  Just because you exhaustively plan something in great detail, doesn’t mean your plan is actually going to work. Sometimes your plan has a fatal flaw which only becomes obvious when you actually try out the plan. There has been a good deal […]

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ESPcat Tropical Cyclone

Tropical Cyclone Cook is due today.  Should I be worried? The wind is starting to pick up.  Is Borderline secure?  I think I may be having a panic attack!  I’ll try a paper bag over my head.  It isn’t working because I can’t see the screen.   The rain will be here soon.  That blue bit […]

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