ESPcat Genius

I found my missing energy!  I’m a freaking genius!  Sunlight shines out of my ass!  Ok maybe that last bit was a bit over the top but you may remember that in my last blog I may have mentioned that I only got out about half of the energy that I put into the Solar […]

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ESPcat Lost Energy

Holy shit I’ve lost half my energy! No you filthy perverts, I’m not talking about that kind of energy, I’m talking about solar energy.  I put 1072 Wh of energy in and got only 438 Wh out!  Even allowing for inefficiencies, I still lost half my goddamned energy!  This is bad; real bad! I love […]

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ESPcat BMS Brain

Here is a dog’s view of Borderline the ESPcat floating an Awaawaroa Bay,  Waiheke Island, New Zealand.  Even though she is the ESPcat (electric solar powered catamaran) she only has two of her 42 solar panels and they aren’t yet connected to anything! The BMS is the brain of the solar power system for the boat […]

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