ESPcat #floating

Floating at last.  It has been a 2 year slog and I must admit that there were times that I feared I had bitten off more than I could chew.  It all began with Oleg and his hiab truck lifting off the little cabin from Borderline. Now we have Borderline floating peacefully on her mooring […]

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ESPcat #SmoothBottom

I love a smooth, slippery, curvaceous bottom and I’m not alone in this.  Thanks to help from slave Brian, the job of sanding off the bottom barnacles was not as bad as it could have been.   Even so, I believe at least one rum will be required to sooth the pain.  In, the end it’s […]

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ESPcat #WeighAnchor

It was time to weigh anchor and move Borderline from her long time position in the mud.  I looked around for an eager slave but they have all miraculously disappeared rather like Donald Trump’s brain!  The newly modified cradle was ready, complete with slave labor for the heavy lifting. But first there was the matter […]

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ESPcat #GoingElectric

Every now and then history takes a big leap that changes everything.   As I work away on the solar powered boat project, I have come to realize what a huge change we are in the middle of.  We are, right now, living through a change equivalent to the Industrial Revolution.  This abandoned oil well […]

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ESPcat #microtubules

I’ve been spending a lot of time on Borderline and its got me thinking.  There is something magic about floating in a solar powered boat, even if it isn’t actually running on solar power yet.  Yes, I know, it’s still attached to the shore.  Ok, yes it still sits in the mud most of the […]

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