ESPcat – Battery Breakthrough, Sodium-Sulfur, Four Times the Storage of Lithium

Holy Shit! You won’t believe it. Here I am in the Man Cave, reading about the latest development in batteries from Sidney University in Australia. You will notice that I have tidied the place up. Just look at this exciting photo below, of the laboratory battery developed by a Chinese-Australian (I know) research group.* Anyway, […]

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ESPcat – Why Go to the GYM?

For all you 76 year olds out there, rather than go to the gym, I suggest you antifoul a boat. Above is the after photo.  There is no before image because the catamaran hulls were in such a terrible, neglected state that a photo is just too embarrassing.  The reason I suggest you could avoid […]

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ESPcat Neglected Bottom

In this troubled world, there are few sadder sights to see than a neglected bottom. This is how the horrific scene unfolded. I was just about to the annual maintenance haul-out of Borderline in November 2021, when events were overtaken by a family illness that put everything on hold. After 6 months of medical heroics, […]

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