ESPcat Solar Supercapacitor

Can you see that tiny glow between my fingers?That is a 3 watt, incandescent light bulb glowing from being connected to a super capacitor.  If you don’t think that’s cool, then it is proof that you are not a fully fledged geek because I think it is just amazing!  That capacitor (the round black thing) […]

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ESPcat Haulout

We had this storm a few weeks back and an abandoned boat came loose from its moorings and crunched up against the side of Borderline.  The red arrow shows where the damage is.  So I have been going ’round and ’round with the insurance guys and the owner of the abandoned boat.  It could have […]

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ESPcat #tinyhouse #solarboat

I think I will name these guys Milli and Vanilli.  They no longer bother to fly away when I climb onto the dock.  I was in the process of connecting the roof water collection system when I realized OMG I’m building a “tiny house”.  I love the tiny house movement.  Lots of things in life […]

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ESPcat Solar Power & Energy

It’s time to construct the galley.  Galley is boat talk for kitchen for you non-boat blog buddies.  We still haven’t had any guests aboard Borderline and it’s all because there is no galley yet.  If you have guests aboard, you have to feed them and give them something to drink or they will cause trouble.  […]

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