ESPcat Maiden Voyage

So I loaded up the dinghy with all the essentials such as white bread, hotdogs and rum, and set off into the unknown.  There are about a million things on Borderline that are incomplete but I decided to give her a go anyway.  What could possibly go wrong? Damn, that dinghy really needs a clean!  […]

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ESPcat Borderline Rum

Rum has long been associated with boats so I decided it was time to fire up the still and make a bit of Borderline Rum.  New Zealand Navy sailors used to be issued a tot of rum right up until 1990.  The standard issue was a gil or 142 ml.  Navy rum was 148 proof […]

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ESPcat Organized

The problem most people have when trying to take on a project like building a solar powered boat, is that they simply aren’t well organized.  Fortunately, I don’t have that problem.  As you can see from this picture, I have every part of Nippon Nancy, organized to perfection. In fact, if I do have a […]

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ESPcat All Charged Up

The wind is still blowing so I haven’t yet given Borderline a decent test run.  I have become a bit of a chickenshit in my old age so I’m waiting for dead calm before I venture out.  So here I am in the workshop, biding my time and trying to make some kind of useful […]

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ESPcat First Real Solar Panels

Now I’ve done it!  I went out and purchased 2 solar panels. These 2 panels will power the inner workings of Borderline’s cabin.  There will eventually be 40 more panels for the motors.  The panels are as follows: make: Sunpower (at least the 32 cells claim to be Sunpower cells). size: 1050 x 540 x 2.5 […]

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ESPcat Stick In The Mud

For the last two years, Borderline has been sitting in the mud most of the time.  Each high tide she would float for an hour or two.  Whenever there was any wind I would worry that she might break loose as she was only held in place by a set of flimsy metal sticks driven […]

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