ESPcat It’s Getting Better

Thanks to Steven Pinker’s book “Enlightenment Now” we know that the world is getting better in a hundred different ways.  There is nothing more important than life and as this graph shows, we are getting more of it every year; even in Africa. This sort of thing doesn’t get reported in the news so you […]

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ESPcat Sunshine

I really feel terrible for claiming in a previous blog post that “the sun shines out of my ass”.  I really don’t know what makes me say these terrible things.  I’m thinking maybe I have Tourette syndrome.  What else could it be?  I just hate myself for having such a nasty mouth. In an attempt […]

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ESPcat WebDesign

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a real cheapskate.  If I have one special talent it has to be my ability to find ways to do things on the cheap.  Take, for example, the entire ESPcat project.  By doing everything myself it has cost me a fraction of what it would have cost to hire […]

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ESPcat Breathless Anticipation

I am in a state of breathless anticipation.  Here I am with the solar generator loaded in the dingy ready for the trip out to Borderline on installation day.   What could possibly go wrong?  When I get out to Borderline, I have to lift the solar generator (SG-1) onto the boat without dropping it over […]

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ESPcat Genius

I found my missing energy!  I’m a freaking genius!  Sunlight shines out of my ass!  Ok maybe that last bit was a bit over the top but you may remember that in my last blog I may have mentioned that I only got out about half of the energy that I put into the Solar […]

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ESPcat Lost Energy

Holy shit I’ve lost half my energy! No you filthy perverts, I’m not talking about that kind of energy, I’m talking about solar energy.  I put 1072 Wh of energy in and got only 438 Wh out!  Even allowing for inefficiencies, I still lost half my goddamned energy!  This is bad; real bad! I love […]

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