ESPcat EV Car Sales 80% by 2025

Holy shit! 10% of New Zealand new car sales are now EVs! (NOT TRUE!!! THE ACTUAL PERCENTAGE IS 1.9%) By 2025 new EV sales will reach 80%! We are looking at the death of pistons! I wouldn’t be surprised if the 80% figure happens before 2025. A search for EV on Trademe yielded 2,538 hits. New Zealand is about to become a world leader in EV adoption.(1) Any Kiwi buying a new piston car today will own an antique in just 4 years.

Liquid fuel distributors such as Z-Energy will be panicking if they are not already.

Oil is now a sunset industry.

If you don’t believe me, ask Rod Oram “The Last Will and Testament of Oil and Gas”.(2)

So what does this mean for Electric Solar Powered Catamarans (ESPcat)? It means that I had better get a move on finishing the ESPcat project because the switch to electric cars will soon be followed by a switch to electric boats.



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